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Robotics and Mechatronics Projects and Services

Robotic systems combine mechanical, electrical, and software components to perform the desired function. Accordingly, the design and analysis of automatic systems require expertise that spans multiple disciplines.

Exponent's diverse technical team lets us quickly design, construct, or analyse robotic systems for various applications. Our consultants have led or contributed to designing and developing a wide range of robotics systems, including military robots for inspection and surveillance, medical-surgical robots, and automated test frames.

In addition, the exponent has consulted government agencies, robot developers and users, and legal settings on risk mitigation, regulatory compliance, and standards development.

Mechatronics integrates electronics, controls, and computers in the design of high-performance systems.

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Why choose us?
  • All of our engineers have strong technical expertise and years of experience.
  • We provide Services at a competitive cost.

We know that servicing and robotics projects can be expensive and have many additional costs, so we offer a cost-effective solution. Our experienced and professional engineers can carry out robotics projects, creating robots and making them automated. Robotronix has extensive expertise in preparing our robots for machine-tracking applications. We can investigate how to integrate the robot with your existing equipment and create a bespoke end effector to accomplish the job.

We have specific project experience and in-house expertise in the following areas of robotics:
  • Analysis of robotic system safety and accident reconstruction
  • Electromechanical systems design and analysis
  • Kinematics and dynamics modelling
  • Static and dynamic structural analyses
  • Controller design and implementation
  • Robot sensing and navigation algorithms
  • Machine learning and automated classification
  • Computer vision analysis and image processing
  • Light Detection and Ranging (LiDAR)
  • Platform locomotion and terrain interactions
  • Power systems selection, optimization, and performance analysis
  • Battery system evaluation and failure analysis
  • Human-machine interface and various control schema
  • Haptics systems development and analysis
  • User study design and implementation
  • Radio selection and electromagnetic interference (EMI) /electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) analysis.



Kevin is a professional robot developed by Robotronix. Kevin is our first Initiative towards Innovating the automotive industry. We are seeking to decrease some efforts of the workforce with the help of Kevin. We work on hands-on technology for robot evolution instead of simply assembling the same. As a result, we are a trusted name among the student community, and students have rested their faith in us.

We believe not only in long-term relationships but in lifetime relationships. We here at Robotronix are one well-knit family. We believe in extending support to the students through their technical voyage. KEVIN has made hearing, touching, and engaging sensors, which lets him understand what we say to him and then execute properly. We have taken him to competitions which he has won in the ranks. It will ultimately enhance the automotive industry, according to Our Vision.

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