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Programmable Logic Controller Projects and Services

A PLC (programmable logic controller) is a digital computer used for industrial automation to automate different electromechanical processes.

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Why was PLC introduced?

To eliminate high power consumption issues that arose from using relays to control manufacturing processes. It consists of a programmed microprocessor written on a computer and later downloaded via a cable to the PLC.

PLC hardware

PLC hardware components include:

  • CPU: To prevent conflicts and perform functions like arithmetic operations and logic operations, regularly check PLC.
  • Memory: system ROM permanently stores fixed data used by the CPU while RAM stores the input and output device information, timer values, counters, and other internal devices.
  • O/P section: This section gives output control over devices like pumps, solenoids, lights, and motors.
  • I/O section: an input section that tracks field devices like switches and sensors.
  • Power supply: though most PLCs work at 24 VDC or 220VAC, some have isolated power supplies.
  • Programming device: is used to feed the program into the processor's memory.