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MATLAB Projects Development and Services

MATLAB is a development environment. We make so many projects on MATLAB regarding industrials, simulation-based. We use the Simulink platform to make circuits and run-on real-time. MATLAB is a combination language including C, C++, java, and even a bit of Fortran. Using this astonishing platform software numbers of numerical analysis from MathWorks can be done.

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Why choose us?
  • Here is a plus point to choose MATLAB, just for Simulink library, including for circuit designing.
  • By using this software, we can even plot graphs.
  • A public domain such as optimizing. Statistics and visualization
  • Reduce development effort, defect densities, and time to market now.

Robotronix has an experienced professional team for MATLAB. We recently did a project on SAR ADC (successive approximation register), which is used to data converter with high-speed resolution and high sampling rate to convert analog signals to digital signals. SAR ADC is used in architecture for data acquisition systems.

What Can I Do With MATLAB?
  • Analyze data
  • Develop algorithms
  • Create models and applications

MATLAB Capabilities
  • Data Analysis
  • Graphics
  • Algorithm Development
  • App Building
  • Hardware
  • Parallel Computing
  • Web and Desktop Deployment
  • MATLAB in the Cloud