About - MATLAB Training Program

MATLAB is a popular and widely adapted piece of a sophisticated software package. Another nice thing about MATLAB is that it's very easy and fast to do prototyping and trying out ideas using the built in toolbox functions. For instance, it takes no effort to import an image and compute its histogram or do some simple processing on it

MATLAB Training Program Outline:

Introduction to MATLAB:

Introduction, math works product family, starting and ending a matlab session, matlab environment, help features, types of files, some useful commands.
Workspace, Constants, Variables and Expressions, Scalar Mathematics, Basic Mathematical Functions, Computational Limitations, character set, data types.
Operators, built in functions, Display/Format Options, Saving and Restoring Variables, Script M- Files, Input output statements, load save functions.

Working with Matrices Matrix/Array Indexing:

Scalars and vectors, entering data in matrix, matrix manipulations, matrix and array operations, structures array, cell array, generation of special matrix, some useful commands.

Input-output statements:

Data input ,input function, keyboard command, menu function, pause command, tic , toc command, reading/storing file data, format command,disp function.

Structures and Loops:

For Loop, Nested for Loop, While Loop, Control Structures, if - else, switch - case, break, return.Program related to control structers, try catch structure and practice.

Writing program and functions:

Matlab editor, matlab programming creating m-files, types of files, function subprograms, types of functions, errors and warnings, debugging from the command line.

Matlab graphics:

Two dimensional plot, multiple plots using plot, hold, line command, style plots, legend command, sub plot, specialized two dimensional plots (bar, pie), some useful plots.
Test Practice and doubt clearance based on previous classes.

Graphical user interface:

Building a new gui, add graphic components, align components, label and add text to components.
use of components, programming of gui components(push buttons, pop-up menu),save and execute.
Project development related to GUI, calculator, access excel data on gui, creating .exe, deploying,

Simulink Fundamentals:

Introduction to SIMULINK Environment, Creating and Simulating a Model, Accessing Model Workspaces, Simulink Library Browser, Overview of Simulink .
Solver, Modeling Programming Constructs, Fundamentals of Solver Selection in Simulink, Hierarchical and Modular Model Development.

Introduction to Images in MATLAB :

Overview of Image Types in MATLAB: Binary, Indexed, Grayscale, True color Images, Image Coordinate Systems: Pixel & Spatial Coordinates,
Converting Between Image Types, Converting Between Image Classes, Simple Image Arithmetic, Reading and Writing Images, Read and Display an Image.
Projects based on image processing color detection, shape detection, material handling, image filtering, image compression etc.

Signal processing:

Signal recording, speech or voice signal processing, reading and writing speech signal, preprocessing of a signal
Filtering, framing, windowing, FFT analysis, dct analysis, sound analysis.
Project based on signal processing, signal analysis, noise cancellation.

Matlab applications in fuzzy logic system:

Introduction, advantages, linguistic variables and membership functions, fuzzy operations, fuzzy inference system

Matlab applications in control system:

Introduction, Laplace transform, transfer function, zeros poles, state space representation, impulse response, ramp response, root locus plot, bode plot, polar plots.

Hardware Interfacings with Matlab:

Camera interfacing, Serial communication, Arduino with Matlab