Introduction-Embedded System

The Internet of Things (IOT) describes a worldwide network of intercommunicating devices. At this point (IOT) must be seen as a vision where "things", especially everyday objects, such as nearly all home appliances but also furniture, clothes, vehicles, roads and smart materials, and more, are readable, recognizable, locatable, addressable and/or controllable via the Internet. This will provide many new applications, such as energy monitoring, transport safety systems or building security. This vision will surely change with time, especially as synergies between Identification Technologies, Wireless Sensor Networks, Intelligent Devices and Nanotechnology will enable a number of advanced applications
IoT is the ability for things that contain embedded technologies to sense, communicate, interact, and collaborate with other things, thus creating a network of physical objects

Opportunities and Application After Embedded System Training

  • Our country is moving towards the ‘Smart City’. We want to contribute in the “Make in India” campaign of our Prime Minister Shri NarendraModiji.
  • The concepts behind Smart Homes, Smart watches, Smart cities etc are nothing but IoT (Internet of Things) Which can be controlled or monitored via any remote location through mobile or web.
  • Government of India has allocated 7,060 crore for 100 new smart cities in Budget 2015- 16.
  • Million Jobs to be generated for IOT’s trained professionals in top companies by 2017 (27 billion objects will be connected 2017).
  • 90 % of Top electronics products companies like (Intel, Qualcomm, apple, IBM, Microsoft, Samsung, and L.G.and Amazon) are going to be smart

There are several applications of networked Things in Agriculture, Healthcare, Retail, Transport, Environment, Supply chain management, Infrastructure monitoring etc. Some of them are listed below:
Agriculture: Applications in Agriculture include Soil and plant monitoring, Monitoring of food supply chain, Monitoring of animals
Retail Management: Retailing has many applications areas of business interest. It includes monitoring customer behavior and preferences, Shelf stock tracking, context based advertising and product promotions, vending machines, automated checkout, and theft control.
Healthcare: Identification of spurious drugs is a major application in healthcare area. Other application areas are personal health monitoring, telemedicine, assisted living.
Security: Detection of counterfeit goods, Access control, restricted materials, Banknotes, Passports.
Government and public sector: Disaster management, Forest monitoring, Tourism support, Homeland security, Pollution monitoring.
Home: Home security, Smart - home (lighting, entertainment, energy management, assistance) Sports: Sports equipment: user performance monitoring, Safety.

Upload data on Server & Monitor graphically:

  • Network &connectivity, Protocols
  • Power consumptions & complexity
  • Data Security, Interoperability , Upgrades & maintenance

What are Benefits of Participants?

  • Embedded Systems Hardware & Software Development Platform for IOT.
  • All network protocols for IOT(to connect devices).
  • Practical for all above mention topics and create your own IOTDevices
  • Understand the concept behind smart cities, smart wearable's &smart switches.
  • Hands on experience in building, circuit designing as well as programming.

Course Contain with Project Work

  • Introduction to IoT
  • Embedded System in IoT (Microcontroller's 8051, AVR, PIC, PSoC, Arduino)
  • Difference between Router, Modem & Switch
  • Networking: LAN, WAN, MAN
  • Programming in Embedded C (interfacing like LCD, Keypad etc)
  • Serial Communication with wired & wireless devices
  • Interfacing with Bluetooth, RFID & GSM
  • Esp 8266 (Wi Fi) as a server & Interfacing with web page
  • Data from server to controller & controller to server
  • GPRS AT Commands
  • GPS Interfacin

Python with Raspberry Pi:

  • Basics of R Pi
  • Basics of Python
  • Interfacing (led, Ultrasonic, swith etc)
  • Camera Interfacing

Project Work

  • Home Automation System
  • Air Monitoring System (LM35, Mq2)
  • Online Car Parking System