Gratitude With All Due Respect,

It was once said by a thinker and philosopher and which is true to the deepest intent in our way of thanking too. We are thankful to youRespected Suprabhat Chouksey Sir, for providing us such a wonderful platform to reach at this place today. It is always an honour for us to be an intimate part of your college for life long. Once a student in my own life, now trying to impart it to other students, this is an immense pleasure to be able to guide students towards the right path still with the same platform and in your guidance.

It's not just that we feel grateful, or that we express our gratitude, but that we actually experience a sincere desire to give something back. We might think of it as appreciation that stimulates a sense of obligation. Not an externally imposed obligation. But a sense of obligation that arises naturally within us as we recognize how we have been supported and cared for by you and the institution.

All the above things make me feel that you are the one who have shown me the right path by guiding me and given me full support that me and Robotronix needed at the early stages of the establishment. You were the one who supported us and shown full trust on our work and most of the time given us opportunities to show our abilities. With our gratitude towards you, we all really want to say that you have always been supportive every time when Robotronix needed you. In future also, we insist that you be always with us for showing us the correct path and guidance that we require from you

We are so much grateful toDr. Sandhya S. Chouksey for understanding us and believing on our work, there were so many hardships with which we were able to organize 1st Robotics Events (ROBOMORPHiSM) under her valuable guidance in Yuvanah 2k11. We are also obliged to whole team of Yuvanah 2k11 for supporting us in conducting the events & workshop successfully.

We are also grateful to all colleges for understanding us and believing on our work. We will continue the great work spirit. We shall be obliged to say that you are not only supporting and guiding Robotronix, also you are helping to make student come across a wide and interesting side of electronics that is there practical uses in accordance with those students also we want to thank you for your guidance and support.

At last but not the least please be with us as you always have been in past, in present and in future too, in supporting and guiding Robotronix and letting the students get quality knowledge in practical field.

With Best Wishes,
Bhupendra Singh Thakur,
ROBOTRONiX Engineering Tech Pvt. Ltd.